Patient rights and access to complain


pasientA patient has the right to:

  • Know all about the actual examinations and treatments; information about expected result, complications and risks.
  • Give your personal approval the treatment offered
  • Know the information in your journal, and have the right to get a copy of the full journal or parts of it.
  • Medical terms that you don't understand explained for you.
  • Tell the doctor if it is something that after your opinion is wrong or imprecise.

The hospital personnel have professional secrecy; they cannot give any information about you or your disease to others, if you not have given approval your self. Your nearest family will as usual be given information about your condition, but not if you have denied them to give out this information. 
Not perpermanent residents of Norway
All persons that are not permanent residents of Norway will be personally responsible to compensate (pay) Ahus for any and all medical attention received. This includes Norwegian nationals residing (living) abroad.

Persons permanently residing in most countries of the world are required to show a valid proof of insurance issued by a legitimate and accepted Insurance company to avoid making personal payment for medical attention. Presentation of a certificate of pre approval on an E112 form issued by your country of residence within the European Union, together with proof of identification, will also qualify for personal payment exemption. You may also be exempt from making personal payment if you possess and present a valid European health care card.

Life saving emergency medical care will be given without exception and regardless of resident status, however not changing the compensation responsibility.

If you want to complain on the medical treatment, nursing or service
  • You can address the doctor or nurse that is responsible for your concern.
  • More serious complains you can address to the General Manager of Akershus University Hospital.
  • You can also complain directly to the Helsetilsynet in Oslo and Akershus.

All types of medical treatment carry a risk, and from time to time things do go wrong. "The Norwegian System of Compensation to Patients" (NPE) is an independent national body, set up to process compensation claims from patients who have suffered an injury as a result of treatment under the Norwegian health service.

Read more at NPE's homepage

Akershus University Hospital will take every complain seriously!